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CONCORD CAR WASH, Home Concord Car Wash has been serving the motoring public in the Concord area since the fall of 1968. We have come a long way since that opening day.

Over the years we have grown from a very "Plain Jane" basic wash to a state of the art car wash offering a wide selection of options.

Since that opening day we have undergone an extensive number of equipment upgrades in order to provide our customers with a better car wash.

Our latest major upgrade was completed in 2005 in which we extended the building 30 feet and added an equipment room. This additional space allowed us to install an additional pair of tall boy side brushes, a diagonal top scrubber, a rain forest rinse arch, a tire bright applicator, an additional dryer along with all new option signs.

After the extension of the building we had the additional space necessary to restage the equipment. This restaging provided more drip time between the final rinse and the dryers. This move allowed us to reach our overall objective which was to producing a dryer vehicle

Concord Car Wash pledges to continue reviewing the latest technology and making the improvements necessary to enhance your washing experience.

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