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Q.   Is the wash touch less or does it have brushes?

A.   Our wash is brushless. It is not "touch less". We use a cloth fabric material and a mild detergent to break through and remove the tough road film that is created on your vehicles finish by driving on asphalt roads and highways. We believe this is less damaging to your cars finish than the harsh chemicals necessary to break through this road film used by the "touch less" car washes.

Q.   Is the water recycled?

A.   The only water recycled in our wash is applied by the flood rinse. That's the first blast of water applied to your vehicle as it enters the wash.

Q.   Where is the change machine?

A.   The change machine is located on the light pole closest to the body shop building. It faces the car wash exit on the main vacuum island next to Dunkin Donuts.

Q.   What are the different waxes and what do they do?

A.   a:The wax in the "Ruby Red" option is a polymer sealer. It provides a shine but is primarily designed for protection from acid rain, salt and the suns ultraviolet rays.

     b:The foamy polish contained in the "Diamond Blue" option offers protection but is primarily for the shine properties.

     c:The Triple Clear Coat sealer included in the "Works" option produces exceptional protection from the elements and enhanced shine.

     d:When you purchase the "Ultimate" you receive Simonize Double Bond with ( with Teflon ) that contains special Simonize ingredients to promote an even harder, longer lasting protective coating. ( You can visit Simonize's website at www.simonize.com )

Q.   Is my antenna going to be OK?

A.   In years past antennas were a problem for car washes. Today automobile manufactures have designed their antennas to withstand commercial car washes. If your antenna is in good shape it should be fine. Power antennas must still be lowered.

A.   That is the sound of a dry tire rubbing against the side of our conveyer. It does no harm and is nothing to be concerned about.

Q.   How do I get pine sap off my paint?

A.   Pine pitch and tree sap are difficult substances to remove from your cars finish. Our soaps and detergents will not remove them. You might try hand sanitizer lotion. Test it first on a small panel not easily visible.

Q.   How do I get the black grime off of my wheels?

A.   That grime as you call it is the dust from your cars brakes. Brake pads are a carbon based material. Every time you apply the brakes a small amount of the brake pad is worn away and deposits itself on the wheels. Over time it creates a thick black film. You can remove it by buying a brake dust remover at any auto parts store and follow the directions or purchase one of our options that offers wheel cleaning.

Q.   Do you offer detailing service?

A.   No, but we have two self-serve vacuum islands. See our list of services for more options.


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